To all users of webgeology
Most of the content on this website was produced 10-15 years ago by use of the software Adobe Flash. From the end of 2020, the flash-format will no longer be supported (see: This simply means that in about one year it will not be possible to read the content of this website.
It is possible to reformate the content to a format that will be supported in the future; however, this is a big job. Before even considering doing this job, I would like to know whether there is enough interest among the users of the site that justifies the resources that will be needed for an upgrade.
I would very much appreciate to receive feedback from the users of the site. Especially from teachers I would like to get information about:
- At what level is the site used?
- How often is the site used?
- How long have you been using the site?
- Where are you?
- Which language is used?
- Other information that might be of interest.

Feedback can be sent by email to:




Rocks v2
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Water cycle
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Ground water
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Jordens indre
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Oil and gas
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Olje og gass
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Updated: 06. November 2015
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